26 Of The Darkest Parts Of American History That Don't Get Attention In Schools.


There are some seriously dark parts of American history that people have forgotten or simply don't talk about. Most of the events mentioned here aren't even taught in the classroom. These people share what they know about the past.

1. The fact that Tulsa, Oklahoma was founded by slaves who marched in the trail of tears with the Cherokee because they were in fact, owned by the Cherokee Indians.
- emohbeemang

2. How bloody and violent the labor rights movement was.

I hate that they just glaze over this. The government figuratively set the constitution on fire suppressing the labor unions. They hanged 4 people in Chicago for organizing a mass strike (Haymarket Martyrs). They killed 40 people at the Battle of Blair Mountain. They killed two dozen people (miners and their families) at Ludlow Station. Now we have right-to-work laws where you can get fired for trying to start a union, and it's illegal to go on strike unless the company is violating laws (like not paying you for mandatory overtime, making you work off the clock, and forcing you to not take vacations is illegal. Expecting you to work over 40 hours per week and giving your projects deadlines that are impossible to achieve without working 80 hours, is not illegal, and you can be arrested at worst or not be reinstated if the company hires scabs).
- Desmortius

3. The battle of Athens, 1946. Long story short, veterans returning from ww2 had to take up arms to stop corrupt politicians from committing election fraud to stay in office.
- kevon87

4. All the coups we help fund to further American interests.



El Salvador




- capthowdy0000

5. The Tulsa race riots are pretty commonly ignored in civil rights and Oklahoma history.

The fact that African American neighbors were BOMBED from the sky.

How many folks today know that?

It also isn't the only time this has happened. Philadelphia PD did it from a helicopter.
- PMmeyourdeepestfear

6. Eugenics and the sterilization of minorities. I think a lot of people tend to gloss over how popular eugenics was getting before Hitler showed up.
- Ophiopogon

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