25 Regretful People Share What They Learned Way Too Late In Life.


Sometimes life passes you by, and before you know it, you've done things you regret. These experiences aren't all bad - we learn something new every time we fail. These people talk about some of the life lessons they learned too late.

1. If you let people take advantage of you they will.
- IdCluckMe

2. You don't need to recreate your parent's standard of living at 22.

I hope my point was clear enough: it takes time and restraint to build up wealth- regardless of your standard of comparison.
- PiketheGSP

3. Should have stayed in shape.
- RadicalOptimist

4. You need to force yourself to socialize. Don't isolate yourself.
- andyp

5. I didn't know that "leaving a message" was YOU listening to someone tell you what the message was, and then relaying it...

So when I was 14, my mom's coworker called home. I told her she wasn't home, she asked "can I leave a message?" I said sure, and hung up. I figured she'd just call back and I'd let it ring and go to the answering machine. Made sense in my 9th-grade brain.
- Dennispor

6. Soft drinks are terrible for dental health.
- peex

7. To save money. Now I'm always broke and I never have enough money for a back up plan.
- MightyJoeBong

8. You can't change people. No matter how hard you try, support, love, whatever... in the end people can only change themselves if they are willing to. Learned that one the hard way.
- fracISback

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