25 People Share The Worst Reason They've Ever Had For Sleeping With Someone.


We've all had those nights we're not the most proud of, for reasons we'd rather not talk about. 25 brave souls gave us their stories as to why they slept with someone.

Read on for some of their most hilarious and shocking tales!

1/25) "Bigger girl at a bar bought me shots and said I probably "suck in bed" - I felt the need to prove her wrong."


2/25) "I was consoling my friend during an emotional breakdown. In the middle of going through the reasons why she's a terrible human and failure, she takes my attempts to console her as a sexual advance. I didn't want to have sex and thought she wasn't in the state to decide, but I felt rejecting her would crush her even more."


3/25) "He promised me carnitas. I got to his place and saw no carnitas. He had a huge dick though."


4/25) "They had the same name as me.

I thought it would be cool to moan my name during sex.

It was."


5/25) "This dude was pissing me off all night, and I noticed he was trying way too hard to sleep with this one girl, so when he was off getting a drink, I started talking to her. Didn't even like her, just wanted to piss the dude off."


6/25) "She cooked me a steak."


7/25) "She was in a leg cast and I thought "What a challenge"."


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