25 Legendary Weapons That Shaped History.


These cool mythical weapons have influenced peoples' beliefs, mythologies, and subsequent histories! Some of them have the power to destroy the world, and others have the power to rebuild it. The weapons selected below are not being compared or ranked against each other. Rather, these weapons are examples of objects that are of some importance in different cultures, past and present.

The list was compiled by Imgur user: thrillofthehunt. Enjoy!

1/25. Mjölnir

The legendary Norse god of lightning, Thor, wields his powerful hammer: Mjölnir. The hammer was created when Loki challenged two dwarves, Brokkr and Eitri, to create items more beautiful than those created by the Sons of Ivaldi. The dwarven brothers succeeded, despite Loki’s intervention, though the handle was shorter than expected. The hammer was so powerful it could not be destroyed and would return to Thor whenever he threw it.

2/25. Pashupatastra

The Pashupatastra is one of the most powerful weapons in all of Hindu mythology. This legendary weapon – used via the mind, eyes, words, or a bow – is capable of eradicating all living beings and destroying all of creation. The personal weapon of Lord Shiva, the god gave it to the warrior Arjuna. Knowing better, Arjuna refrained from using the Pashupatastra lest he destroy the entire world.

3/25. The story of the Sword of Damocles comes from the history of Sicily as recounted by Timaeus of Tauromenium. Damocles was a courtier in King Dionysius II of Syracuse’s court and was one day lauding praises on the king for his fortune of having so much power and wealth. Dionysius offered to change places with the courtier – a proposal which Damocles quickly accepted. But, to show the perils that come with power, the king had a massive sword hung above the throne by just one hair of a horse’s tail. Damocles begged the king to take back the responsibility.

4/25. Ruyi Jingu Bang

Ruyi Jingu Bang is the magical staff of the immortal monkey king Sun Wukong. The Monkey King went to the underwater kingdom of the Dragon King looking for a weapon to match his strength. After failing to find one, the Dragon Queen suggested to give him a seemingly-useless rod in their treasury which began producing “heavenly light”in the days before his arrival. The rod, weighing 17,550 pounds (7,960 kg), shrank or grew according to Sun Wukong’s will. When unused, the Monkey King shrank it to needle-size and kept it behind his ear.

5/25. Tizona

Along with La Colada, the Tizona is one of two legendary swords attributed to Spanish conqueror El Cid which he used to drive the Moors out of the Iberian Peninsula. Immediately aware there was no escaping the mighty blade, El Cid’s opponents would often turn and run from the Tizona. The city of Burgos (near to his birthplace) in Spain acquired what is said to be the sword in 2007.

4. Tizona

6/25. Sharur

Sharur translates as “smasher of thousands”. The weapon of Mesopotamian god Ninurta, the mace was reputedly able to fly wherever it wished and communicate with Ninurta. It was also used to communicate the will of the god Enlil (a chief deity in Sumerian religion) to Ninurta.

5. Sharur

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