24 Surprising Stories With Adam Sandler That Make Him The Coolest. He Did That For A Fan?


15. According to Forbes in 2012, Sandler was the second highest earning actor, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, earning $37 million from 2011-2012.

16. Adam Sandler was set to appear in the movie Inglourious Basterds, but dropped out to star in the comedy-drama Funny People instead.

17. In the movie Funny People, the opening video with the prank calls is a real video shot by Judd Apatow when he and Adam Sandler were younger. The two other people appearing in this video are Janeane Garofalo and Ben Stiller.

Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler were roommates when they were first starting out in the 1980's.

18. During an interview with ESPN, LaVar Arrington mentioned that in preparation for his role in the movie The Waterboy, Adam Sandler had visited him at Penn State to watch him practice.

19. Adam Sandler has said he's not entirely sure why he and Chris Farley got fired from SNL in 1995. He's said they had a good run for a few years, and that everything happens for a reason.

Many attribute their firing to the show's extremely poor ratings at the time, as well as office antics such as Sandler and Farley prank-calling producers late at night.

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