24 Surprising Stories With Adam Sandler That Make Him The Coolest. He Did That For A Fan?


9/24) His third comedy album Stan and Judy's Kid set a record for most albums sold by a comedy album in its first week. It debuted at #16 on the Billboard charts.

On top of that, his first two albums They're All Gonna Laugh at You! and What the Hell Happened to Me? both went double platinum.

10/24) He often casts big name stars in his movies, which he's been able to do since his movies have high box office outcomes and he's developed a reputation as a nice man to work with.

He also casts his friends and former SNL alumni such as Rob Schneider and David Spade in his movies frequently.

11/24) Despite the aformentioned dodgeball incident, the kids that appeared in Billy Madison LOVED Adam Sandler, and would constantly tackled and jump on him.

12/24) In more recent years, he generally tries to film his movies in locations that are close to a gym, so he can play basketball on his breaks. He tries to play at least once or twice a day.

13/24) In That's My Boy, Adam Sandler played Andy Samberg's belligerent dad. The film takes place on the son's wedding weekend.

When Andy Samberg got married in real life, he invited Sandler to his wedding. Sandler showed up as his character from That's My Boy, costume and all.

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