24 Surprising Stories With Adam Sandler That Make Him The Coolest. He Did That For A Fan?


5/24) In Happy Gilmore, Sandler plays the title character who is a hockey player turned golf pro.

Sandler has since admitted that he is actually terrible at both hockey and golf.

6/24) In I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Larry's home address that Chuck gives to Duncan is Adam Sandler's real home address from when he was growing up.

7/24) For the movie Anger Management, Adam Sandler donated copies of this movie to U.S. military bases supporting Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom in the Persian Gulf as soon as it was released.

This donated version contains a 5-minute introduction by Adam Sandler, who personally thanks the troops for their service.

8/24) In the movie Reign Over Me, the video game that Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle play is Shadow of the Colossus. The game about a man who slays colossi in an attempt to bring a woman back to life.

Seeing the imagery of the colossi falling, editor Jeremy Roush realized "someone who was dealing with 9/11 would be engrossed by a giant that keeps collapsing over and over again," so he demonstrated it to the director and actors. With the approval of the game's director Fumito Ueda, it was included in the movie.

Adam Sandler became an expert at the game before filming even began.

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