24 People Share Their Most Horrific Public Transportation Stories. I’m Never Getting On A Bus Again.


These people talk about the strangest things they've experienced while commuting. Buckle up your seatbelt, this will be a crazy ride!

1. One time, the train actually arrived when it was supposed to.
- kmja

2. Across the bus from me is an old man with a big hole in his crotch, providing an excellent viewing of his old man parts. The second I noticed I got up and stood in another part of the crowded bus. I look back to see a innocent looking teenaged girl take my seat.

That scream. Horrifying and hilarious.
- TheFraz311

3. May seem tame, but I sat beside a lady who read her book upside down for 15 minutes straight. Turned pages and everything.
- whistledick

4. After the Rally to Restore Sanity, caught a train to get lunch with some friends. Every car is packed, but the one we get on seems particularly boisterous.

An old man with a bible on his lap is spouting off about gays, and their detrimental effect on society. To cover up his malarkey, a guy in his full fatigues is leading the entire train in whatever song he can think of; 'Row Your Boat', 'Wheels on the Bus', '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. During '99 Bottles, to keep everyone singing, he starts doing a stripper dance for the old guy, to which the whole car goes crazy.

It was loud, cramped, and beautiful. The old fella gets off at the next stop. As everyone is basking in the afterglow of his perfectly human moment, the guy says rather directly "I ship out to Iraq on Monday." Silence fills the car. We happened to get off at the same stop he did. Every person who got off with us either shook his hand or gave him a hug. Hope he came home safe.
- janitals

5. Some guy threw up in a empty 2 litre soda bottle. Then looked at the terrified girl next to him and asked if she wanted some. He called her a c*nt when she said no and he took a swig of it.

He was pretty scabby and slurring, definitely on something.
- anonymous

6. I was going to a job interview right outside of Boston about 7 years ago. It was in the middle of the day and a reverse commute (going from Boston to a place outside of Boston) so nobody was really on the train.

Approaching the last stop and it was just myself and one other guy. The dude proceeds to wrap a belt around his arm, inject himself with something and basically just passes out on the train. I called the conductor.
- pumper911

7. Weird, but awesome

Three 6'6" transvestites having an animated discussion with a 4 year old girl and her mother on the Subway about makeup... during rush-hour
- olafthebent

8. Usually there are yellow lines to tell people to stay back, a warning announcement chimes in and says to stay back from the line. This old man looks both ways and steps on said line and then proceeds to giggle his ass off.
- JayInTheBox

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