24 Parents Share The 'Sneaky' Things Their Kids THINK They’re Getting Away With.


Do your kids ever attempt to get away with something right under your nose, but you know EXACTLY what they're trying to do? These parents talk about some of the clever, and not so clever things their children were sneaky about. Enjoy!

1. My 3 year old sneaks "candy" from the freezer when I'm not looking. They're actually frozen peas.
- flexthrustmore

2. My 17 year old is freaking out right now because she thinks the car was stolen. It wasn't stolen. She told me she was going to be at a girlfriend's house overnight, but this morning I spotted the car outside her boyfriend's house. I took it.

She's called every tow yard in the county, and has been walking all over town looking for it. I am waiting for her to finally get home, but at this point I seriously do not know what to say. "I'll tell you where the car is if you tell me where you actually were last night?"
- tallavery

3. Sneaking out of her room to "say goodnight to you one more time, mom!".....

Child please, I know you were trying to sneak your DS back to your room. Kid thinks she's so smooth.
- red_freckles

4. Smoking weed. Guess what, son? You didn't lose that bag when you were stoned; I found it and smoked it.
- a-r-c

5. Not giving me back all my change.
- worldtrvler

6. He blamed his older brother for drawing all over his bedroom walls.

He was, and still is, an only child.
- thatonegirlfrommath

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