22 People Who Traveled To China Share Their Best 'WTF China' Moment.


These people recount their weirdest and wackiest experiences while in China. Enjoy!

1. I was traveling with a group in China right before the Beijing Olympics. I'm a 6' tall black dude, and according to our tour guide, black people are incredibly rare to see in China. (This is relevant for the story)

So on the day that we were going to see the great wall, I just happened to be wearing a football jersey (American football) I brought with me. Apparently being, relatively tall, black and wearing sports apparel is enough for some Chinese people to think that you are a professional athlete.

We get to the great wall and start walking around (it's much steeper than you would think and some parts are pretty difficult to walk) when I'm quickly swarmed by tons of Chinese people who want to take a picture with me. I'm normally very reserved and quite the introvert, but as the crowd around me started to grow I just decided to go with it.

So I smiled, took pictures and signed autographs to my hearts content. That is until I was asked to leave because the group around me was getting so large it was blocking the entire span of the wall and people couldn't get past.

A similar thing happened few weeks later when I was flying into Shanghai and was walking through the airport wearing sunglasses and a backpack and a few people thought I was Kanye West.
- ANBU_Black_0ps

2. Waiting to use an ATM. Standing about 5 feet behind the person using it like any normal American would.

Another person walks up and stands directly behind the guy using it. Then another. Then another. Then another. Nuts-to-butts, no space between them.

I am now sixth in line for the ATM.
- ClutchingMyTinkle

3. I visited Shanghai, and I stumbled into the Marriage Market.

Hundreds of elderly parents with flyers with photos and resumes of their unmarried adult children milling about, trying to arrange matches. It was like seeing the floor of a busy stock exchange.
- InfernalWedgie

4. I once had a friend who had travelled to China with her family who told me a story where they were at a cafe one afternoon and were watching the cars on the street nearby. There was a driver of a car who rear-ended a guy on a bicycle and knocked him off. There was a big clamoring around the scene until a crowd of people took ahold of the car driver and the bicycle driver jumped into the car and drove over the foot of the car driver as the crowd held him into place. The bike driver (who just drove over the one guy's foot) got out of the car, thanked the crowd and pushed his bike away. The car driver (who just got his foot ran over) limped back to the car and drove away.
- gentleman_bronco

5. A black friend of mine said that a little Chinese girl came up and licked him because her friends told her that he was made of chocolate.
- Took-the-Blue-Pill

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