22 Of The Best Examples Of 'That Escalated Quickly!' From All Of History.


18. So, everyone's saying stuff like WW1, but there was a rebellion in China called the rebellion of the seven states.

Let's get a little bit of Chinese history out of the way here- in this time period, China was split into multiple states, each ruled by a prince, who was one of the emperors relatives. However, there was a central government that sort of controlled it all, ruled by the emperor. Now, one of these states, Wu, controlled by the emperor's cousin once removed- Liu Pi. This state of Wu was growing powerful and rich, so the emperor had sort of a shaky relationship with his cousin.

So the emperor was playing an ancient Chinese board game with Liu Pi's son, when stuff got intense over the match and the emperor chucks the board at the son, killing him. Google it if you don't believe me.

Well, what do you know, Liu Pi now hates the emperor with a passion.

Our dear emperor wants the central government to be powerful, and in order to stifle the increasing power of the states, he carves out land from multiple princes. They don't really like that.

Liu Pi uses as an excuse, and convinces 7 of the states to go into a full on rebellion against the emperor.

However, it burned fiercely at the start, but within three months the rebellion got defeated.
- _Relevant_Calvin_

19. MP3 is an audio file format

MP4 is an audio and video file format

The MP5 is a submachine gun.
- SendMoreAmmoPlz

20. Easily the Snowden leaks. One day we were all skeptical about our government spying on us, and low behold those skepticism so proved true.
- arodriguez03

21. The 1258 sacking of Baghdad, in which the Mongols torched the Grand Library of Baghdad, depopulated the city to a point it never recovered from, and destroyed all of the ancient canals that kept Baghdad from being the agricultural wasteland it has been ever since.
- Loverboy21

22. The year the first escalator was made.
- coolrulez555