22 Of The Best Examples Of 'That Escalated Quickly!' From All Of History.


11. 1515: Martin Luther teaches a class on the Epistle to the Romans.

1524: German Peasants' War (aka the largest popular uprising in European history to that date).
- 0149

12. The Blitz on London. A German bomber got lost and bombed central London, the RAF sent several bombers to hit German cities. Germany sent back twice as many, Britain did the same, and it all went downhill.

13. Hey Pope Clement can I divorce my wife? (1527)

No Henry you cannot!

Hello Anglicanism (1534)
- waitforitalex

14. Its winter in Portland. I was at a bar until closing time with some friends. Once last call was over probably 30 or so of us that were still there stumble outside to find that it's been snowing a bunch. We proceed to have an impromptu snowball fight and its one of those great random moments in life that you'll remember forever!

Anyway, everyone's drunk and the snowballs start getting thrown harder and harder. Eventually someone hits someone else with a chunk of ice. Before you know it an all out brawl has started in the middle of the street. A massive street fight is happening! Some giant guy nicknamed Moose is pummelling one of my friends. His jacket is torn to shreds. Another friend heads to his car and grabs a flashlight out of his trunk and beats the Moose in the back until my friend can get away.... Then a car pulls up and a guy jumps out and asks me "what side am I on?" He jumps in and starts fighting people with no hesitation.

Shortly after we hear police sirens in the distance so my friends and I all take off to our car. But since its been snowing we're stuck. So we get out and start rocking the car back and forth until we get unstuck, pile in and take off before the cops got there.
- smithfizzy

15. Mongolian Empire, first some dude called Genghis Khan shows up and next thing you know a huge chunk of Asia is kissing his boot.
- Burningmeatstick

16. The US Army/North Korea Axe Murder incident.

It started with a simple task by two US Army officers within the DMZ: cutting down a poplar tree blocking view between UN Command and an observation post. The officers were slain by the North during their work by the axes they held.

It ended up with a show of force of the South Korean and American militaries - over 800 men on the scene, countless attack helicopters, bombers, fighter jets, and a couple aircraft carriers (plus thousands of troops and other equipment on standby) to, as the UNC states, "peacefully finish the work left unfinished" and cut down that tree.
- hackerkitty

17. It's not the biggest impact ever, but Leicester city escalated pretty damn fast. From not being in the premier league, to barely staying in the league, to winning the whole damn thing. That was fun to watch happen.
- fantacyfan

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