22 Of The Best Examples Of 'That Escalated Quickly!' From All Of History.


7. When that Serbian dude killed the archduke. Next thing you know, Europe is acting a fool.

There had been a lot of political tension leading up to that point though. The assassination was the straw that broke the camels back.
- todayismondayta

8. A group of assholes high-jacked some planes and crashed them, super tragic stuff. Almost overnight (well by the time aircraft were allowed to fly again) everything associated with air travel was flip turned upside-down.

No more walking your loved ones to their gate, waiting and watching planes land trying to guess which one was carrying the person you were picking up, understanding that full body groping and a lack of liquid more than 2 Oz was necessary for everyone's survival.

Oh yeah, and for those who weren't around/didn't fly the fact that it became normal to see the National Guard standing around with M-16s in airports kinda sucked.

We (the non-super rich) will never have a truly pleasant flying experience again.
- flammablepenguins

9. Not that quickly, but still interesting... Tai Ping rebellion.

Some dude fails several times the examinations to get a job as a civil servant in 1837 , feels sick for a few days, then says he's had a vision and he's Jesus' brother, with a duty to overthrow the Qing dynasty. In 1843, he founds his sect. In 1851, 10,000 of his followers defeat the government soldiers.

This eventually leads to a 14-year-long war, and 20-30 million casualties. History major,
*I just wanted to point out that a huge following of his movement was land reform. Most of the peasants didn't care if he was Jesus' little bro or not. He had an amazing land reform system that IIRC was adopted too late by the Qing, which is how he drew most of the base of his power.
- obviousthrow3

10. The Haitian Revolution. Went from white-dominated French colony to the slave population controlling a third of the colony in less than a year.

The slaves got into power and stayed there. Not that any actions on either side are condoned. Also a terrible fact: A big part of the reason why Haiti is still so poor is because they had to pay war reparations to France from 1825-1947.
- BeyondTheFail

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