22 Of The Best Examples Of 'That Escalated Quickly!' From All Of History.


Sometimes historical phenomena seem to occur out of nowhere! These people talk about several events that took people by surprise.

1. A long time ago in China, a captain was leading his men to their new posting; unfortunately heavy rain and flooding meant they were going to be late.

He asked one of his men, "Wu, what's the penalty for lateness, exactly?"

"It's death, captain."

"I see. And uh, what's the penalty for taking up arms against the government?"

So began the Dazexiang Uprising of 209 BC. Because of rain.
- Mr. Random

2. The Space Race.

1957 - Russia puts the first artificial satellite into space

1971 - Dudes riding dune buggies and playing golf on the moon.
- bl1y

3. The fire of London. One second it's just some idiot burning a batch of bread, then the bakery is on fire, then the entire street, then the entire city.
- Mr. Random

4. In 1945 the first nuclear bombs dropped on Japan. A little over 10 years later we had enough nukes to destroy the world and the peace was kept through mutual assured destruction.
- John_key_is

5. Maybe not the best or biggest example in history - but before going to Egypt a few years back, I was reading up on places to see there, and read the following about a town called Dahshur:

"In July 2012, Dahshur's entire Christian community, which some estimate to be as many as 100 families, fled to nearby towns due to sectarian violence. The violence began in a dispute over a badly ironed shirt, which in turn escalated into a fight in which a Christian burned a Muslim to death. This, in turn, sparked a rampage by angry Muslims, while the police failed to act. At least 16 homes and properties of Christians were pillaged, some were torched, and a church was damaged during the violence."
- Sadistic_Toaster

6. The war of Jenkins ear. One day a British smuggler gets his ear chopped off by some Spanish patrol, eight years later he finally brings it back to Britain and shows it to parliament and then all of a sudden war with Spain, over 25000 casualties and then merges with the war of Austrian succession.
- michaelmikeyb

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