21 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About The Jungle Book


The 2016 adaptation of 'The Jungle Book' has successfully brought the animated version's magic to a new generation. Of course, there's a ton of little tidbits that barely anyone knows about.

Come on and explore this jungle of knowledge!

1/21) Amongst all the treasures in King Louie’s temple, you can spot the Genie’s Lamp from Aladdin (1992), another Disney film.

2/21) This is Idris Elba’s second of three starring roles in Disney films in 2016. He was featured in 'Zootopia', and will be starring in 'Finding Dory'.

3/21) An early screenplay indicates a scene that would have shown Shere Khan breaking Aleka’s neck. This was removed as it would’ve given the film a PG-13 rating.

4/21) This is comedian Gary Shandling’s last film role before his death in March 2016. The film was dedicated in his memory.

5/21) A scene in which Mowgli rings a cowbell which causes King Louie (voiced by Christopher Walken) to appear is a reference to a famous Saturday Night Live sketch, where Walken constantly says “I gotta have more cowbell.”

6/21) The first time King Louie appears on the screen, he is sitting in a chair, his face obscured by shadows and talking in a sinister, slightly muffled voice about offering Mowgli protection before finally revealing his face. This is an homage to the film Apocalypse Now (1979) in which Colonel Walter E. Kurtz first appears on screen similarly composed.

7/21) The film was released in 2016, almost 50 years since the release of the original The Jungle Book (1967)

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