20 People Share The Funniest Case of 'Child Logic' They've Come Across.


13/20. My mom dyes her hair, and my 6 year old niece developed an obsession with her grey roots. She wouldn't stop asking about them until my mom re-dyed her hair. This went on for several months. Finally, my dad figured out what it was all about. Months earlier, probably because she was concerned about some health issues he was having, my niece had asked him "Grandpa, are you going to die?" He responded "no, not for a long time. Not until I am really old and have grey hair." So in trying to comfort her, he had instead made her think grey hair was a sure sign someone was approaching death, and I guess she also thought somehow the grim reaper could be warded off with hair dye.


14/20. Our 5 year old daughter was having trouble in school communicating and the school said we should ask her to tell us stories at home to help.

So we went home and pointed to a picture of a German village and asked her "what is happening in this picture?"

She said "I can't tell you"

We ask why not

She said "Because I don't speak German”


15/20. I was reading the story of Cinderella to my then four year old daughter. When we got to the part where the fairy godmother appeared, she stopped me and said "Mom, I know this story is fiction".

I was pleased; she'd been paying attention when I talked about the difference between fiction and fact!

Then she went on: "I know because in real life, fairies only come when you lose a tooth.”


16/20. My daughter was in first grade and my husband was taking her to school that day. She had picked out a pair of tights to wear and he told her no, she needed pants. After a short argument, he finally says "I'm your dad and at the end of the day you'll do what I say", she promptly responded "it's the beginning of the day, so I'm wearing tights". She won that battle.


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