20 People Share The Funniest Case of 'Child Logic' They've Come Across.


9/20. My great-niece (age 4) knew her grandmother. But did not know her great-grandmother as they lived in different states. Also she didn't understand how family relationships work, and had no idea that her grandmother ( the highest authority figure in her life thus far) also had a mother. When she met her great-grandmother and realized that her grandmother had a mother of her own, she decided that her own grandmother no longer had authority over her. And that she would only listen to the highest level relative. She felt that the person directing her could only do so if they didn't have a mother of their own. Kid logic indeed: "if you have a mother, you can't tell me what to do." I shall only listen if the order comes from the mother of whom ever is talking to me.”


10/20. There was a storybook I read when I was 4 where a turtle became wise after learning he couldn't fly after cracking his shell falling of a tree.

My logic was that, to become wise, I needed to crack my shell.

So I threw myself down the stairs.


11/20. Not long after my daughter started kindergarten we were engaged in a battle of wills, I don't recall what she was refusing to do but she was adamant.

"Why should I do it?!"

"Because I said so. And I'm your father."

"You're NOT my father!"

WTF "Uh....what do you mean?"

"Fathers don't see their kids very often, you're a daddy."

She still had to do it.


12/20. We moved to France from Texas when I was 6 and my little brother was 3. The first day that we played outside with the French kids, my brother came running inside to my mother hysterical, bawling his head off! The reason, he said, was, "Their mouths are broken!”


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