20 People Share The Funniest Case of 'Child Logic' They've Come Across.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "What is the funniest child logic you've ever heard?" These kids are hilariously genius!

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1/20. The 5 year old kid I babysit thinks I pay his mom to let me hang out with him.


2/20. I'm a girl, and my best friend when I was little was a boy. We were on the bus on a field trip and both fell asleep. When we got to wherever the field trip was, he freaked out, thinking that LITERALLY sleeping together would make me pregnant.


3/20. A child comes into my work dressed head to toe in army fatigues. His name is Jimmy.

Me: do you want to be a soldier when you grow up? Jimmy: no Me: you've got a lot of camouflage on for someone who doesn't want to join the army Jimmy: I just don't want to die.


4/20. One year for St. Patrick's day, my 8 year old sister made a leprechaun trap. We asked, "So what are you gonna do with the leprechaun when you catch it?"

"We're gonna catch it, and ask it hard questions.”


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