20 People Reveal Bizarre Things Their Parents Taught Them That They Had To Unlearn.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "What did your parents teach you that you had to unlearn?"

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1/20. Korean fan death... For those who don't know about this, Korean people believe that if you sleep with a fan on with all windows and door closed you will die.. Still can't convince my parents that this is a myth.


2/20. When I was growing up, my parents had a list of things they thought I should do to become a man. They'd warn me that I would never get a wife if I was a picky eater, couldn't fix a car, or didn't know how to do manly things. I gave it my best effort to improve to their ideals, but in the end I found that it didn't matter.

While having those qualities were helpful in life, I found that they really didn't matter in a relationship. I was able to find a great girlfriend who accepted me for who I am. She even lets me keep my rubber duckies in the bed with us at night.


3/20. My mom is obsessively clean. It took me a couple years into my marriage to stop cleaning to her standards. I am not a dirty person but I don't have a fit about a little dust on the baseboards.

She should see my carpet right now. I've been sewing. There is scraps and threads all over. She'd twitch.


4/20. My mother is convinced all clothes are too tight unless they are falling off you. I looked like a ragamuffin for years until my rich sister-in-law pulled me aside and went "sweetie... I'm gonna take you shopping before you ever have to attend any job interviews looking like that”


5/20. I do not have to say sorry for everything. I used to say "I'm sorry" for everything. Reached for the same cookie? Sorry! We had different opinions and you're frustrated? Sorry! Didn't grab the right bag of groceries out of the truck? Sorry! I said sorry for everything, even when cashiers didn't have nickels to give me back at change, I apologized for me causing them that inconvenience Unlearning that is still a struggle at times.


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