20 People Admit Big Lies That Have Gotten Ridiculously Out Of Hand.


Recently, people on Reddit were asked "What is a lie you have told, that has gotten so ridiculously out of hand that you've had to keep building on it and is now a part of your life?"

People quickly shared their most embarrassing, hilarious, and some awful lies that they kept to themselves for ... well, quite a long time.

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1/20. I told my parents I was graduated from bachelor and now I'm studying to get another degree, I'm so deep in that s*** that i don't know what I'm gonna do when they find out that it has been 6 years and I haven't graduated yet.


2/20. When I first started dating this girl I told her that I don't like porn.

Flash forward 6 years, we're married and watching an episode of "Friends" where one of the girls thinks her bf doesn't like porn. My wife turns to me and says "well not ALL guys like porn! You don't like it, right?"

Me: "That's right, honey. It's not for me.”


3/20. When I was a little kid, I told my mom I really liked her tuna casserole. I was just trying to be nice and pay her a compliment since she seemed like she was having a bad day.

Pretty much every time I go to visit her she has some tuna casserole waiting for me. I don't actually like tuna casserole that much, but it's such a sweet gesture that I don't have the heart to tell her to stop. This has been going on for over thirty years now.


4/20. I had a coworker tell me he got married on accident. It was Christmas morning and he bought his girlfriend a ring as a Christmas present. They were both sitting around the tree and when she opened it she started to cry and said "well are you going to ask me." Thats when he realized what he had done. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Moral of the story, don't ever buy a ring for a girl unless you are planning on marrying her.


5/20. A girl I lived with two years ago thought I was stealing her yoghurt out of the fridge. I told her it couldn't have been me since I'm allergic to dairy, and now I still can't eat dairy in front of her or anyone from that friend group. She made me a dairy free cake for my birthday - the guilt is eating me alive.


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