19 Truthful Doctors Reveal The Time They Had To Google Symptoms Like The Rest Of Us.


15. I've seen anesthesiologists Google things in the OR and I've seen surgeons have people Google info for them in the middle of cases. There is no shame in double checking and getting it right rather than fucking up.
- nhoman66

16. I look things on the internet all the time. I often do it with the patient. The other day I had a patient tell me she was on a birth control pill I had never heard of. I looked it up and it was a generic for a very common pill I immediately recognized. We then had a very useful discussion regarding side effects and options. The patient appreciated what I did. When I left the room, the resident I was working with commented that he was impressed by the interaction and was surprised how much being honest with the patient about not recognizing the generic helped improve the visit.

I also developed my own website Medtwice.com for patient education. It gives me a place to direct my patients so I know they have a place with quality information (as least as quality as I may be).
- Papdoc

17. Family practice physician here. I tend to run into mostly the same illnesses and complaints day in and day out, but I will google symptoms if diagnosis has ruled out the most common options. I will say, however, that for MOST problems that bring people to the doctor (upper respiratory infections, minor injuries) the websites are actually quite accurate. Their drawback is, of course, encouraging the hypochondriacs that they might have a rare, incurable form of cancer, a tropical disease, or super AIDS.
- Check_My_Credentials

18. I do it all the time. Part of what hasn't been touched on so much is knowing what information is pertinent about the patient's symptoms. Most people who come in with a problem will have a handful of generalized symptoms that don't tell you a whole lot by themselves, but there will often be one particular symptom that is extremely important that helps guide your answer. Knowing what the important thing to zero in on is where the education and experience comes in.
- absurdliving

19. Medical librarian here. Doctors certainly do use Google and Wikipedia...much to the annoyance of medical librarians like myself. We buy access to quality information so they can make the best clinical decisions to improve patient care. Many doctors think they are above searching journals and databases once they graduate. The reality is that the best doctors never stop looking stuff up. Better doctors ask medical librarians to do that for them. They are best at treating patients. We are best at searching for top quality medical information...which you won't find on Google or Wikipedia.
- fifyi