19 Regretful People Share The Craziest Thing That Happened After A One Night Stand.


9/19. Hooked up with a cougar from the bar at which I worked. Woke up the next morning to sounds coming from the kitchen. She says it's her son. For some reason she also mentions he's starting a new job that day. I say a brief hello to him as I leave the house.

Guess who showed up at my work for training later that day.

It was the son that showed up. I had to train him.


10/19. After my first night with my eventually ex-husband he rolled over and asked "Jennifer, did we have sex last night?"

My name is not Jennifer. I should've run at that point.


11/19. Well I woke up next to someone and immediately regretted the decision I had made drunkenly the night before. So I get up slowly to be as quiet as I could and started putting on my clothes, ready to leave.

I got halfway down the staircase before I realized I was trying to sneak out of my own house.


12/19. I woke up to his CRAZY female roommate vacuuming the hallway outside of his room for over an hour, banging the vacuum into his door over and over again. I guess she was trying to wake us up so I would leave, but we ended up just waking up and having sex while she was vacuuming.


13/19. I met a girl at a show that my band was playing at, went back to her place, had sex 3 or 4 times that night, then fell asleep at probably 7am. I wake up at about 9am, completely disoriented, and hear her boyfriend kissing her saying "Mmm, looked like you guys had fun last night!"

He was apparently watching us the entire time.

I didn't even know she had a roommate.


14/19. I woke up thinking I'd had a dream that I had sex, roll over and there is a dude in my bed. I sit up and see about 3 used condoms on the floor on my bedroom. I poke him awake and ask him to leave.

I didn't remember his name, or how we even got into that situation. A few hours later he adds me on Facebook... he's in a relationship, she's in his profile picture. Safe to say I didn't accept that friendship request and I saw him out the next week and he tried it on again and I just went "You have a girlfriend, f*ck off".

I went to a pretty small university and I'd see them walking around with each other, it was so awful. I felt terrible.


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