19 Regretful People Share The Craziest Thing That Happened After A One Night Stand.


As I am desperately trying to get out of there, she physically removes the stuffed animal from her youngest's arms to give to me to 'remember her by'.

I did not take the toy from the now-crying toddler.

If I hadn't needed a drink so badly after that debacle, I might have given sobriety a shot.

At one point, the eldest child gave me a picture he drew. It was sincerely heartwarming, and made me feel real conflicted.

Second, we shared a ride back to her place with one of her friends. During the cab ride, I discovered that her friend's son and I went to the same university.

Third, this happened on Christmas Eve. Somehow, in my drunken stupor the night before, I had given her my real cell phone number. After I left, she called me eight times that day, before noon. I didn't answer. Each message got progressively more aggressive.


5/19. Woke up with no memory of each other, then she began screaming about being late to her grandma's funeral. Dropped her off in a tiny dress not wearing shoes still drunk in front of her entire extended family.


6/19. Was at a local spot a few years back, met this girl who was pretty. Anyways, chill for a bit, head to her house, have sex and fall asleep. I woke up and noticed a book bag, etc, school books. Ask her what she's studying and she tells me she goes to the local high school. I die inside and leave.

I ran into her a few weeks later and it turns out she was messing with me because she needed me out of the house before her roommates got home.


7/19. Hooked up with someone at a festival, she lived near so she insisted we go back to her house. After an entire morning and almost afternoon of loud crazy sex for hours, I decided to go downstairs for a drink. Turns out she didn't live alone like she said.

But she lived with her two brothers. Both of whom looked like they had been on the juice. I casually had to continue my stroll to the fridge shirtless, then introduce myself. They both jump off the couch and try to punch me, asking who I was and where I was from.

She then came downstairs and introduced me, and then asked them to drive me home. Being the older sister they had to say yes....


8/19. She peed my whole bed with me in it.


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