19 Regretful People Share The Craziest Thing That Happened After A One Night Stand.


How does one maneuver the morning after a one-night stand. Sitcoms have been trying to figure this out for decades, and we still have no answer.

Here are nineteen of the craziest things to happen to people after a one-night stand.


Many thanks to Reddit user H_Junior for posing this question.

1/19. Nothing says good morning like a toddler tugging on the blankets saying "Mommy who is that in your bed?"


2/19. I wake up to him saying "Sh*t!! My dad wasn't supposed to come home so early" (I had just thought he lived with roommates).

He tells me to jump in his closet (I'm fully nude and my clothes are in the living room) I start to argue but he insists and so I get in there and hear them having small talk for almost an hour. I realize I really have to pee, and they just drag on and I'm dancing around. And then the guy I slept with left for work!!!!

And I can hear the dad making breakfast and just settling in. I panic, how am I gonna get my clothes.... F*ck my clothes, I'll use his clothes, so I take the stuff in the closet all I found were shirts. I ran for my life full speed through the house with sex hair and a long shirt to my car.

The dad yelled "what the damn hell! Who are you!!"


3/19. She was actually really cute and when she got up to leave I just said "lock the door behind you," because I was super hungover. Eventually I make my way out of bed and she had taken all of the food in my house along with my blender... Like how did you pull this off?!


4/19. We slept in her bed. Which was a cot in the kitchen (clue #1 to stop drinking so heavily).

She woke me up to introduce me to her 3 children (clue #2).

They were sleeping in the same bed because the youngest had shat the other bed during the night (clue #3).

The same bed she told me to hide in when there was a knock on the door at 8 am (turned out to be her sister, but still, clue #4).

She then introduced me to her pet lovebirds. She informed me she would be naming one of them after me (clue #5).

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