19 Poor Souls Reveal The WORST Jobs They've Ever Worked. Clock Out Already!


We've all had to work the odd, less-than-stellar job just to get by.

Below are 19 of the craziest stories from reddit involving some of the worst possible jobs. Check them out!

1/19) Door to door salesman, commission only. Had to pay for my own travel and lunch. Have you ever gone to work and come back poorer?


2/19) I worked at 'love boutique', also known as a sex toy shop which was next door to a strip club. I constantly got harassed by club patrons and had to deal with bums coming in with bloody money for poppers (little bottles of VHS cleaner they get high off of) so you could never quiet feel safe.


3/19) I've posted this before but its up there as one of the worst I did...

I worked on a croissant line. You can bet they never came out of the machine with that nice curved shape. Nope - they are straight, but someone has to bend them into shape, thousands of them every day, on a moving line. This equates to the most depressing job in the world. I bent croissants for a living.


4/19) When I was 19, I started telemarketing for this place selling car warranties. (I really needed money)

Immediately, I could tell this was a shady business. I would be given a name, address and make/model of a person's car. I would then call and was given a script where I informed them their warranty expired and that they could buy a new one from us.

I realized right away that it was a scam because sometimes it would be a model year only 1-2 years old (no way warranty expired already). We still had to tell them it expired, to the point of arguing with them to convince them. Our best targets were senior citizens on already fixed incomes. They are extremely gullible when it comes to this kind of stuff. So I would sell these 3 year/36k mile policies for $4000 to people who already don't have much money.

I then looked into our actual warranties and realized they basically cover nuts/bolts and useless parts. But we would tell them it covered "everything on the engine from nuts to bolts". So I guess that was the truth.

Then one day, I called someone from the opposite side of the country. He stopped me mid-pitch and started reciting my script back to me. This freaked me out (what are the odds I called him?). He said he used to work for them until the government came knocking and they closed up shop. Apparently they just relocated and changed the name. He advised me to get out now and that I was doing a terrible, terrible thing.

I hung up with him and promptly quit.


5/19) Industrial maintenance mechanic as a summer job for three consecutive years between semesters.

Imagine walking around every day wearing a hazmat body suit and mask in hot steamy rooms filled with poisonous gas, while you stand knee-deep in toxic waste for hours on end. We would duct-tape our boots, suit and masks in order to not let any of the fumes in.

The pay was amazing though.


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