19 People Share The Worst Cases Of Edgy Teenager Syndrome They Ever Witnessed.


12. Back in the Twilight 'Edward vs Jacob' craze, we had gang tension at school. Jacob supporters drew scratch marks on their arms, while Edward supporters drew bite marks on their necks.

In my equally edgy protest to this culture, I rocked up to school wearing a 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' t-shirt and I never regret it one bit.

Both Jacob and Edward supporters united and belittled me about how stupid Buffy was. On Facebook people wrote me messages saying 'Buffy sucks', it was almost cyber-bullying but I stood my ground.

Several years later, I can still go outside wearing my Buffy shirt, they can't say the same about Twilight.
- instacamel

13. A buddy in high school wore eyeliner because it enabled him to channel his darker side. He once asked me if I wanted to fight, because none of us had ever been in a fight.
- fradrig

14. My little sister is about to turn 13 in a few weeks and thinks she is living her life in a badly written Disney movie. She'll flip her hair at you, roll her eyes, stomp up the stairs, and slam the door all while telling you that "no one understands me! I hate all of you!" It's like she read a handbook written by every bad Hollywood screenwriter and lives by it religiously.
- TheLesThespian

15. Dated a guy that wore a vampire cape and a spiked dog collar to school. My parents called him "Fluffy" to tease me, and then the nickname stuck...
- danirat

16. Around here there are kids that go around town on modified 125cc mopeds. They like to gather at night and do stunts and taunt cops.
- undermonocles

17. There was this goth girl at my school who dragged her books behind her in the hall in a trash bag.
- banuntil

18. Buddy of mine swore up and down that his dad invented paper football. Whenever we tried to play he'd say shit like "that was never in the original rules" and basically ruin the game.
- mnamna0

19. I overlapped the words love and hate in block letters with red and black sharpie on a burned CD I made. You don't want to know the songs that were on there either.
- JeffyLikeFlac