19 People Share The Worst Cases Of Edgy Teenager Syndrome They Ever Witnessed.


5. I witnessed an edgy teen remove their trench coat and underneath they were wearing a second trench coat.
- CBLingo

6. My kid. She can outgrow the hair dying, wearing black, emo thing just anytime now. I play along, since resisting it only makes it 10x harder to change it.

"I want to go to Hot Topic!" Sure, I'll take you, want to get ice cream after?

So edgy, dressed in black with a waffle cone.
- appDerpington

7. ...Myself.

In ninth grade I dressed up as a "normal person" for Halloween. I borrowed an Aeropostale sweatshirt from my friend and wore a pink shirt and blue jeans, and did my makeup without swarths of black across my face.

I thought I was so clever but now I cringe whenever I think of it.
- Knvckle

8. I was looking at my high school photos. I find my prom pic, where I am standing behind my girlfriend, arms around her waist. We look cute (for the time period I think) but if you look down I am flashing the blood gang sign, or at least my interpretation of it. Midwest middleclass white boy edge. I'm better now though.
- Duke_Thunderkiss

9. You just made me remember that girl in my class in high school. I guess today people would say she was the emo / goth type of girl. At the time we were studying Baudelaire's Les fleurs du mal and one day she decided to write on the playground, in huge letters, with chalk, a bit of The litanies of Satan:

Ô Satan, prends pitié de ma longue misère! (O Satan, take pity on my long misery!)

A real good cringy moment, even at the time.
- backtolurk

10. There was a guy in my class who would write all sorts of "edgy" words on his arms in pen before he went to school. Stuff like "bourgeoisie", "revolution", "status quo."
- JoeyBulgaria

11. Me, when I wrote a song that had the word 'dark' in every line. Every, line.
- bryanleebmy

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