19 People Share The Worst Cases Of Edgy Teenager Syndrome They Ever Witnessed.


We all go through some awkward phases when we're teenagers. These people share their own experiences, and their memories of other teenagers who went through a tumultuous time. Enjoy!

1. Me, when I bought that floor length black leather trench coat. I thought I was so mysterious and misunderstood and oh god please kill me it's too embarrassing.
- OgGorrilaKing

2. I work at Disney World so we get a lot of the edgy kids but my favorite was the one I saw the other day. So first of this kid looked like Ron Weasley joined the Death Eaters. He was wearing a black shirt with generic death band name on it, super skinny black jeans and black ankle high Docs. He clearly had some makeup skills as he had carefully put on his eyeliner in 2 giant circles around his eyes making him look like a stupid raccoon. His hair was shaved except for the middle section which sort of looked like a floppy mohawk.

The long part of his hair was dyed black while the shaved parts were a bright pumpkin orange. He's leaning against the wall of Great Movie Ride trying to look super cool when his dad (who looked like Mr. Weasley's twin) asks this beautiful question. "Would the dark, soulless one like a churro?" That's about when I couldn't control all the laughter building up inside me, and had to walk so I wouldn't hurt the dark, soulless one's feelings.
- alienaileen

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