18 Surprising And Terrifying Things Computer Hackers Can Do That Most People Don’t Know About.


These people give us the insider news on the possible types of hacking people utilize. Enjoy!

1. A few months ago in the news there was a white hat hacker, basically someone that tries to find bugs and let the company know about them before others with malicious intent can, anyway this gentleman was not getting the response he wanted from the company, or any response at all so to bring it to light he live tweeted from an airplane how he was able to get into the flight control systems and control the direction, and speed of the aircraft mid flight. Side Note: The FBI arrested him when they landed.
- Matukqo

2. One thing most people don't suspect is Rogue Access Points, for wifi you set up an access point using your own insecure protocols and you put it at a mall and call it "Free wifi" or "Starbucks" and people when connect you can steal session cookies, personal information etc.

Most people just connect to any wifi point with the strongest signal or unprotected.
- milesanator

3. Whenever people ask me what the danger behind hackers is, i bring up Stuxnet. This was a virus written by 'some' government agencies which was specifically developed to destroy certain centrifuges which were used to enrich radioactive material in Iran.

That on itself is not that impressive, anybody who can get some form of access to these centrifuges can tamper with them in one way or another to break them.

The impressive, and dangerous, aspect of Stuxnet is the way it got to the centrifuges and how it hid throughout the whole world, looming until it finally infected the right system and could jump into action.

It hid on thousands and thousands of systems, infecting more one by one, hiding for any kind of anti-virus system you could imagine, being controlled remotely and updated with new code through command and control systems. Again, on itself it is not that impressive, 100s of botnets do this. But i still find Stuxnet one of the prime example of Cyber warfare. It hid itself by thinking of every little detail. Any tool that could be used to detect file changes, was infiltrated and deliberately altered in such a way that whenever it checked a file that Stuxnet infected, it would return a valid ok reply instead of an error.

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