18 People Share The Most Surprisingly Nice Thing A Police Officer Has Done For Them.


17/18. I was 19 and took my mom's brand new car to my girlfriend's house. She had forgotten something at my house and needed it that night for the following morning.

I left my house without my wallet and just drove the ~mile to her. She came downstairs, took the bag from me and went back inside. As I started to pull away, an undercover car pulled me over.

Two officers approached the car. When they asked me for my license and registration, I froze. I had nothing on me. I profusely apologized and explained the whole story.

They were both very understanding. One officer even joked that "you are putting our time in, huh?"

They gave me and all visible areas of the car a once-over. When they were satisfied, they both told me to get home safely. They didn't even hint at a ticket.

Turns out, there was a huge drug bust in the neighborhood a few days later. Here I was - a 19 year old, in a brand new car dropping off a package at midnight. I must have thrown up every red flag ever.

They could have made my life difficult. They were totally understanding and cut a young kid a break.


18/18. I was on vacation with my dogs in a beach town that is a 5 hour drive from home.

I took my dogs to a park. While there, I had an accident that resulted in a loss of consciousness and multiple broken bones.

I remember waking up twice at the accident scene. Once, I was still flat on my back and called out for my dogs, whose leashes I had dropped when I was knocked unconscious. We were adjacent to a busy state road.

The second time I woke up, I called out for my dogs again and a paramedic told me that a deputy had them in the back of his car. I do not remember this, but I was told later that I begged "them" not to take my dogs to the pound.

So they didn't. The police officer who responded to the 911 call and chased them down across the park put them in the back of the cruiser and let them ride along on the rest of his shift.

They contacted my next of kin, who immediately booked it toward the hospital to which I had been taken. My bestie agreed to come get the dogs, and the officer met her half way.

Between my house and where I was vacationing. A five hour drive. After his shift was over.



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