18 People Share The Most Surprisingly Nice Thing A Police Officer Has Done For Them.


Well I had this table of sketchy looking hillbillies that racked up an impressive bill by ordering a lot of drinks and foods like steak and ribs... Well wouldn't you know it after I dropped the check off, they tried the old dine-n-dash.

And they would have gotten away with it IF the geniuses hadn't left the keys to their minivan on the table! So while I was freaking out about a table that had walked on a +$300 tab, I spotted the keys and walked straight over to the cop saying I had a table that left without paying! A minute or two later, the main heifer of the family came skulking in and tried to stealthily walk back to their table to look for her keys... Meanwhile our cop walks up behind her and says "Looking for something?" and jingles her keys. Not wanting to cause a scene, he escorted her outside and somehow made them cough up enough money to cover their bill and graciously leave me $2 tip.

One of the coolest memories I have of a cop!


11/18. Was travelling in San Francisco with friends, decided to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Got to the lookout on the other side extremely cold (that bridge is windy, we were used to heatwave/Texas temperatures and not expecting California mildness) and tired. Began the long walk back across and ran into a policeman in a little buggy (can't find a pic, but literally this tiny van with bars separating the back from the driver), who offered to give us a lift back across.

12/18. We happily piled into the back of this funny little vehicle and he chatted to us the whole way back - telling us the best places to visit in the city, listening to our travel stories, generally being really sweet. Turns out he was on suicide watch and just patrolled the bridge up and down all day long.


13/18. I came outside from a party where I had a few too many and stumbled up the road to find my truck where I parked. I got in and put the keys in when his lights turned on behind me. He walked up, asked who I was and where I was going. I tried answering but he smelled the obvious brewery that I had downed and he pulled me out of the truck and asked me where I lived.

I told him thinking I was going to jail. Instead he helped me into the back seat of his car and he took me to Wendy's and got some food and then took me home. He helped me in the house and I managed to get on the couch. He wished me good night and told me to sleep it off, locked up my house and left.

I saw him broke down on the side of the road a few months later and I got to stop and help him with car trouble. It was nice to pay it back. He didn't have to do what he did for someone that didn't deserve it.


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