18 People Share The Most Surprisingly Nice Thing A Police Officer Has Done For Them.


6/18. I was sitting in my car in the park. A cop knocks on my window and asks for my ID. I give it to him and he says "You're legal, just confiscated this from a bunch of minors" and hands me 2 cases of beer.


7/18. I was six and noticed the neighbor's mailbox hanging open and a bunch of their mail in a deep ditch across the street. I told my mom, she called the police and when the officer came out, she had me show him what I found. He listened patiently as I told him the story, I got really bold about what I believed happened. I had this theory about the bad guys and where I thought their fingerprints were in the mud, etc. He was so sweet, seemed to write down what I said for his report, thanked me and walked me back to my house. I felt so brave and so important when he was probably doing all be could not to laugh out loud at my stupid theories. The neighbors bought me thank you flowers when they got home from vacation, it was a proud moment. I never forgot his kindness.


8/18. Pulled a cop off my back and threatened to arrest the same cop on grounds of assault. I spent the next few years being helped by my own small town Officer NiceGuy. He helped me escape my "family" and not fall into the same life as my dad. If it weren't for him I would have been dead or in jail a very long time ago.


9/18. Due to being a dumb high schooler I was arrested for shoplifting. The officer saw I was terrified, even though I was big for a high schooler and he could have treated me like a threat. I was 18 so I was legally an adult even though I still felt like a kid. He was very... kind about it all. Walked me out of the store on a path that would require the fewest people to see me. Asked if I wanted the window cracked for air and assured me that it was dark outside and the windows were tinted so no one would see me. On the way to the jail he talked me through what would happen next. Community service, fines, all that.. He walked me in and as I was having my mug taken I accidentally said "yes sir uh ma'am" to a female officer who got pissed, but I saw him in the background chuckling.

A couple years later he pulled me over for a speeding ticket and a year after that he worked Black Friday security, standing right by me in the store I worked at. I'm not sure if he recognized me, I'm sure he sees so many faces in a day. I wish I would have thanked him for his kindness back then but both times I was either busy working or with people who didn't know about the arrest.


10/18. Back when I used to wait tables, we had a cop who would come in on busy nights near closing time and keep an eye on the place, like a security guard getting easy overtime and a free meal. This guy was super cool and always fun to talk to.

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