18 Little Known Facts About WALL-E. An Adventure Beyond the Ordinar-E.


9. AUTO's secret directive, A113, is an ongoing in-joke in animation. Room A113 was a classroom at Cal Arts where many Disney and Pixar animators learned their craft. The number A113 appears in all of Pixar's animated films, and in many Disney animated films as well. This is the first Pixar film in which A113 is relevant to the plot.

10. Andrew Stanton claimed that the film's central theme was that irrational love can defeat everything, including programming.

11. Elissa Knight, who provides the voice of EVE is not an actress, but an employee of Pixar.

12. According to Andrew Stanton's director's commentary, the names and (caricatured) likenesses of past Axiom captains are from Pixar writing team members. The years listed for each captain seems to be term of service, not lifespan, as there is no overlap of years. The average term of service is 135 years. The years add up to 666. Within the portraits, Auto develops from a small light and becomes brighter with each succeeding captain. The obesity of the captains grows at the same rate, showing a correlation between reliance on autopilot versus actively moving.

13. The film has a dedication to Justin Wright, a 27-year-old Pixar animator who died from a heart attack.

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