18 Little Known Facts About WALL-E. An Adventure Beyond the Ordinar-E.


5. The first Pixar film to be nominated for 6 Academy Awards. This ties it with the only other animated film to garner this many nominations: Beauty and the Beast (1991).

6. The sound of insect clicks was made locking handcuffs. The cockroach chirps were sped-up raccoon sounds. The wind sounds were a bag being dragged along carpet. The sound of EVE's laser blasts are partly created by tapping a slinky spring.

7. In previews for the movie, and at the end of the DVD, the Pixar intro features WALL-E fixing the broken lightbulb in the bouncing Lamp. He replaces the older-style round incandescent bulb with a newer energy-friendly spiral tube fluorescent light bulb.

8. The last piece of debris that clears away from WALL-E as he leaves Earth's atmosphere is the Russian satellite Sputnik I, which in 1957 was the first man-made object to be placed in Earth orbit.

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