17 People Share The One Time They Actually Had To Break Up With A FRIEND. We Need To Talkā€¦


These people share their stories of they fell out with good friends.

1. When I was in high school, I was in a new school and joined a clique of friends. They where friends for 3 years at that point, I think. So we where four girls, getting along great. I especially had a great connection with one of them.

After some months, I went to a party with the two other girls. It was a nightmare. They said the meanest things about the other girl. Where laughing the whole night about how she looked and stuff like that. I went to school the next day and told the other girl everything they said. That they weren't here friends, and I would help her with this. So we 'broke up' with them together.

This has been 11 years and we are best friends until this day :).
- Heartexploide

2. The girl who was my best friend in college went crazy on me when I refused to agree that her cheating on her husband was ok. We "broke up" and her husband and I have been platonic besties ever since!
- shylowheniwasyoung

3. Yes, senior year of high school my best friend of 2 years, the dude I hung out with every day, slept with my then girlfriend.

Broke up with him, never spoke a word ever since.
- SheetShitter

3. Asked a mate to be groomsman for my wedding. At my stag weekend he proceeded to feed me (a non-drinker) insane amounts of bourbon mixed with coke. After the first couple of sips it all tastes like coke so I assume they were small mixes. I blacked out after 35 minutes and don't remember the night at all. I wake up throwing up and no memory of the night. I get worse throughout the day and continue to throw up.

Rather than do anything he encourages everyone to head to paintball and leave me at home. Eventually one of the guys comes back to check on me, sees I ain't flash and takes me to the hospital. Dr "What sort of friend gets you into this state and leaves you alone. You have horrible alcohol poisoning, don't drink anything but water"

Get back to the cabin, fill them in. Everyone is OK with me not drinking for the rest of the weekend. But him. Proceeds to call me pathetic, weak and the worst stag ever. Tells me this weekend isn't about me and I am ruining it. Tells me not to worry if anything happens as he'll take care of my wife.

I snap, tell him to f*ck off and don't bother coming to my wedding. That was 5 years ago, haven't spoken with or seen him since.

I spoke to a couple of the lads a few days later and it turns out he'd been switching the measures of bourbon and coke and I'd had a litre of Jack Daniels in about an hour. All poured by him, apparently I was unresponsive during the night and people were sticking their fingers down my throat to force me to throw up.
- kopkiwi

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