16 Poor Souls Share The One Story That Convinced Them Their Ex Was Really Crazy. Good Riddance!


We all know those relationships that have come and gone, but sometimes it isn't until we look back that we see how crazy our 'significant others' were.

Check out some of the most shocking stories about ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends!

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1/16) After I broke up with her, she used makeup to feign bruising on her arms, neck, and face. She proceeded to send pictures of it to all of our friends "warning them" about me.


2/16) She took me to a graveyard to meet her dead grandparents. All of a sudden, she begins having a conversation with them and expected me to chime in. Then she decided she was a Wiccan. Yep. Nope. I'm out.


3/16) Painted my name all over his bedroom, bathroom and lounge room. Proposed and then Photoshopped us into wedding pictures, sent invites all his family, mine and my friends, got an ultrasound photo online and tried to announce to Facebook we were expecting a baby, shaved our initials into his cat and left hundreds of love letters taped to my car


4/16) When he got himself locked in four point restraints in the ER because he was convinced he had AIDS and started trying to "infect" the staff, or when he proudly told me he was the son of Jesus Christ, or when he tried to kick in my door at 3:00 am as a grand romantic gesture.

Or how he thought his bald spot would grow hair again if he was just a better person.


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