16 Medical Professionals Reveal The One Time They Didn't Believe A Patient, Only To Be Proven WRONG.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "Medical professionals: What was a time you were skeptical about what a patient was telling you, only to find out the patient was right?"

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1/16. Guy came in for an arteriogram. He kept telling me he bleeds really easily. Like if he cuts himself shaving the bleeding won't stop. I mentioned this to the doctor but all the patients lab results were normal so we didn't worry about it. After the procedure this guy bled EVERYWHERE.


2/16. This elderly lady kept screaming periodically about the men looking in her window. I go in to reassure and reorient her, and almost have a heart attack when I see a face in the window. I call security, some stupid college kids thought it would be funny to run around on the first floor roof (the first floor of the hospital is larger than the other floors, you get the picture).

The best part was that the patient totally made fun of my reaction. She laughed all night about it and kept teasing me "remember when your face did this, and you said "what the F**K?!?" Yes, Mrs. Smith, if only you could please forget that by morning.


3/16. I had this patient who was a really nice guy but had pretty severe untreated mental illness and was always telling me stories about his celebrity friends, how he was producing a Broadway show, just really grandiose stuff that there was no way it could be true. He was just scraping by, he was always dressed very neatly but his clothes were very worn and he had Medicaid and an alcoholic roommate.

Anyway, at one point he needed a colonoscopy and I tried to send him to a clinic where I knew they would take Medicaid but he said he had been in a medical research study with a Park Avenue gastroenterologist and the guy told him he would do free colonoscopies for life. Right, I thought, and resigned myself to having this conversation again in three months.

Three weeks later a colonoscopy report from a Park Avenue practice arrived on my desk. I've always wondered how much of the rest of it was true.


4/16. Had a patient who thought she had tetany. Very skeptical at first since it is so rare in the area. She got admitted and turned out she had tetany due to vitamin deficiency.


5/16. I work in psych and we had this one patient who was psychotic and delusional run out to the nursing station at one in the morning screaming that there were naked people stealing their things. Due to the patients history of, well, being delusional, we were definitely skeptical. Threw out a few words and reassurance and agreed to check the room to ensure there weren't any people stealing things from room.

Walk down the hall with the patient and go into the room and god damn if there wasn't a demented patient walking around butt naked with an arm full of items.

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