16 Little Known Facts About Jessica Jones.


13. When the Luke Cage movie was in its development in 2005, Jessica Jones was going to appear in it but with a major change. The character was going to be African American rather than Caucasian. Megan Goode was being considered for the part.

14. In Jessica Jones: AKA 1,000 Cuts (2015), when Simpson encounters Detective Clemons he tells him that the detective is a legend with a hell of clearance rate. In The Wire (2002), Clarke Peters' character and other detectives often complained about clearance rates and how difficult cases were distributed among themselves.

15. Carrie-Anne Moss plays a female version of the comic book character Jeryn Hogarth.

16. Eza Darvilla and Carrie-Anne Moss worked with Jason O'Mara. Carrie-Anne and Jason both starred on CBS' Vegas. Eza had a recurring role and Jason was the lead character on FOX's Terra Nova.