16 Little Known Facts About Jessica Jones.


9. The world of the show was originally going to be closer to that of the comic, with superheroes already being a well known and established part of the universe and superpowers being much more ubiquitous. This was changed to match the more subdued Marvel Cinematic Universe, where for the most part, the only publicly known superheroes at the time were the Avengers and Daredevil. Although, the public is at least aware that there are more "gifted" individuals than just the aforementioned ones.

10. Every episode title is spoken or referenced within the episode's content, except of course for the pre-fixed AKA.

11. In episode 3 when Jessica goes into the convenience store to buy whisky the radio host introduces one of the callers as being from Westchester, New York. Even though they are not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this is where Charles Xavier's mansion is located in X-Men comics and movies.

12. In the Marvel comics universe, one of Jeri Hogarth's clients is the character Daniel Rand, better known as the super hero Iron Fist. Rand's father, Wendell, was a close friend of Jeri and left the execution of his estate to him (the comics version of Hogarth is male). Iron Fist is currently being developed as a series by Marvel. But if this plot will be featured is currently unknown.

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