15 Times Police Officers Caught Teenagers Doing Something So Weird, They Just Had To Laugh.


Almost all teenagers get involved with the police during those delinquent years.

Below are 15 of the weirdest stories as told by cops, friends, and victims themselves. Check them out!

1/15) My brother was a cop who worked nights in Minneapolis. One night near a university campus, he noticed a car weaving on the road, so he pulled them over thinking there alcohol was involved.

Nope, it was because the car was full of deaf people having an argument that included the driver. My brother had to tell them to not 'sign and drive'.


2/15) Not illegal but certainly weird:

Got a noise complaint call where the neighbors inform dispatch the parents are out of town and suspect underage drinking and or possible drug use. (These types of calls are the worst because you can almost guarantee someone is puking in the back of your car and you'll have to write a buttload of local ordinance paper). We roll up, throw the overheads on to scatter as many as possible and make a slow walk up to the front door. We play the "nobody's home" game for awhile until one of the kids lets my partner in the back door. We subsequently find around 12 teenagers and what appears to be multiple bottles of rum and vodka as well as several baggies containing marijuana and some pills.

Upon further inspection, we find the liquor bottles have been emptied and filled with water, the marijuana is actually oregano and parsley and the pills were just aspirin. They were having a pretend party to put on social media but the strongest thing in the room was a Redbull.


3/15) My brother was once jumping his bike off the end of the public boat dock behind the city hall which also housed our police station, they had it tethered so it wouldn't get lost on the bottom.

A cop came out, watched for a while and said, "I'm fairly certain something about that is illegal, but I can't figure out what and it looks like fun, so be safe" and walked back inside.


4/15) So one of my friends is in a frat. They were having a party, and some guy was dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. Awesome, I know. Anyways, the cops show up, and the party is on the third floor. Capt. Sparrow looks at them when they come in, throws open the window and yells, "Gentlemen, you will forever remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow." And jumped out the window. Broke both legs, still got his Minor In Possession.


5/15) A few years ago a friend and I were walking home through a residential estate, drunk, after a night out. About half way home a police car pulls up next to us and says they need to talk to us. They say that CCTV in the area had observed us entering several front gardens.

We then drunkenly explained that we had been going in to peoples gardens and swapping around flower pots, hanging baskets and garden ornaments with their next-door neighbours.

One of the cops was laughing a lot and the other seemed really confused. Luckily they got another call and let us carry on our way.


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