15 Seasoned Travellers Share Their Absolute Worst Stories From Abroad.


Travelling is one of the greatest joys in life, although we always think about the 'worst' that can be happen abroad.

Well, here are some first-hand accounts of the WORST. Be thankful it's not you...yet!

1/15) "Vladivostok, Russia. I got robbed by the police.

A street performer tried to rob me with his monkey.

PLUS, I got the shits, and felt as if I was going to die the whole time there."


2/15) "Well, we arrived at our hotel in France. The room was amazing, until we saw the bathroom: There was a giant mushroom growing out the side of the sink."


3/15) "Taking the small fast boat that operated between Portsmouth and France. It was a stormy day, but the boat had been given the all-clear to go.

After a while at sea, the weather got a lot worse and the boat started becoming pretty unsteady. People began being seasick and then the staff also started hurling all over the place. Eventually water was seen coming in the vents and smoke appeared.

Turns out, the smoke was from a flair that had gone off by accident. At this point, I didn't think I'd live to see another day.

Thankfully, we made it across. We were the last boat to make the trip that day, as the company cancelled all the other crossings."


4/15) "Went to Rome and ended up in hospital with a liver infection and no English speaking doctors.

Went to Cambodia and got mugged by a group of guys on motorcycles and my local friends decided to chase them with meat cleavers and machetes I didn't previously know they owned.

Went to Australia and got third-degree burns on my foot on the last day of a festival I was volunteering at and got lots of morphine and my Brazilian friends found a trolley to wheel me back to my hostel in after.

Pick your favourite. My most recent travel album on Facebook was titled 'That time I went abroad and didn't end up in hospital!'"


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