15 Medical Professionals Share The Creepiest Last Words They've Heard A Patient Say.


13/15. I'm a hospital chaplain: When I was a CPE intern (a greenhorn) I went to see a patient in the ICU who had 10 to 12 oranges on her table. We talked about oranges for about 20 minutes and then she said, "Somethings going to happen."

I went to check on her the next day and the nurse mentioned that she passed the previous night. I asked if anyone else talked with her and she said no. So, the last conversation she had was about oranges with me. I kind of wish we talked about something else; however, the nurse said that was a worthy conversation that the patient wanted to talk about. It made me feel better.


14/15. I used to shadow a PT and often we would have to go to ICU for some patients. There was a male patient who was there pretty frequently. Last words that I heard were "Hey angel" while he was looking in the general direction of the female PT, but not directly at her. Never once heard him call her "angel" before. He ended up coding later that night.


15/15. I had a patient in my first week of being on a hospital floor as a CNA. She was really sweet and wanted to know all about my nursing school. Right before she went to bed, I helped her move from the chair in the room. She jokingly danced with me for a few seconds, humming an old tune before sitting on the bed. She thanked me as she drifted off to sleep. "Don't worry. It will be okay." Referring to my trepidation about the new job, I assume.

She was scheduled to go home and died from a complication of medications about four hours later.

The first song on the radio that morning as I got in my car was Shut Up and Dance.

.... yeah that messed with me for a looong time.