14 Poor Souls Deemed "Crazy Ex's" Finally Share Their Side Of The Story.


1/14) "I keyed the shit out of her car. I only did it because her "friend" told me my ex was planning on doing it to my car. I later found out that was a lie."

2/14) "He told all of his family and friends that I asked for a divorce because he was deploying to Afghanistan and that I was a crazy controlling bitch.

The real reason we were divorcing was because he was texting girls he met online and telling them he loved them and wanted to be with them. I also found his online dating site on my laptop and when I confronted him about it he said his friends made the profile as a joke. The profile used the same user name and password that he used for everything.

The final straw was when I came home from a trip back home to see my family and walked into our bedroom to find another girls clothes. I asked whose they were and why they were there and he said he had gone to the bar with some people from his troop and she was too drunk and had to spend the night. He apparently slept on the couch. I asked what she left the apartment wearing and he gave her my favorite pair of sweatpants to wear home.

I never got those back either."

3/14) "He was a clinical narcissist. He kept me strung along our entire "relationship". Wouldn't call me his girlfriend, but treated me like one. I would lose my mind whenever he would talk to other girls/hang out with them, because he would say, "You're not my girlfriend. Shut up." This would sometimes happen right after a date. Whenever I would try and shut him out, he'd call me crying and I really liked him, so I took him back. But it would keep happening. He'd buy me gifts, take me out multiple times a week, do all the things boyfriends/girlfriends did but he would never acknowledge our relationship. So in turn, I got crazier and crazier, because he drove me crazy. He would talk shit about me to his friends because of how crazy I was, completely disregarding the manipulative shit he was doing. I've never had anyone mess with my head so much.

Now I'm married to an amazing man who was courteous, loving and mature from day one. Never once with this man have I ever worried about fidelity, or questioned my status with him. I was never "crazy" with him because he gave me no reason to be. My view of relationships was so skewed, I had no idea that I would ever be worthy of someone I have now.

Last I heard from my narcissist ex, he kept trying to call and text me and I had been dating my boyfriend (now husband) for a year already. He told me I would have made a good girlfriend. Yeah, I turns out I did make a good girlfriend, for someone who deserved it."