14 Parents Explain Why They Regret Having Kids.


Sometimes people decide to have kids before they're ready for the responsibilities, or sometimes parenthood doesn't turn out how people expected it would. These parents explain why they regret having kids.

1. I feel like it has destroyed my marriage. Both of us have changed since our child was born and I'm afraid the people we've become are not as compatible as the people we used to be. We never talk to each other, we never do anything together, and the very, very infrequent sex is basically her attempt to maintain her ability to claim she makes an effort in our relationship. Any communication that happens between us is about logistics regarding our child. I understand there is a brief period after birth where everyone needs to adjust but it has been over 4 years now.

I love my child more than anyone else on Earth, save for my wife. But I miss having a companion in life. If I had known it would be like this, I don't think I would have made the same decisions.
- LoveMyKidMissMyWife

2. I wasn't ready to stop being selfish. I'm only two years in so it's still the intense stage, but parenting so far has just been relentlessly exhausting. I feel like having a kid closed off a lot of possibilities for me, definitely killed any semblance of spontaneity in my life.
- camelican

3. All you need is a special needs kids to think something along the lines of "I wouldn't want him to die or anything, but if I could go back to before he was conceived I'd do things differently."
- meoka2368

4. My daughter was born mentally disabled. I alway tell myself it could be worse, that there are kids who just shake back and forth in wheelchairs... thing is she is happy now but has no concept of death and I can only imagine what it will be like when her mother and I are gone. She will be institutionalized probably.
- Habanero10

5. I never get a minute to myself. As an introvert this is the hardest part.

I see my friends going on exciting vacations, doing whatever they want to do. I can't because kids are so expensive that we can't afford to go anywhere.

I haven't slept past 6 in years.

I'm stuck in a place I don't want to live in.
- jerkstore13

6. love my boys more than I ever thought I could. However... it's Saturday night and I'm covered in baby vomit with the baby refusing to sleep anywhere else but on me. He will wake about 3 times between now and when the toddler wakes at 6am. I'm carrying 20kg more than I'm comfortable with and have no clothes that fit. I feel guilt for so many choices I make.

There are times I regret having my second baby because it's so hard to juggle the needs of two and still find time for my needs. People tell me it will get easier but for now, I'm hating it.
- Pregnancyinsomnia

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