10 Youth Sports Referees Share The Craziest Parents They've Had To Deal With On The Field.


10/10. I occasionally ref fencing tournaments and I have two fun memories.

1) The first thing you need to know is that a lot of fencers will yell after every touch if there is even the slightest hint they could have gotten a point. There was a kid about 10 years old who was kinda obnoxious about it. Every touch he would scream. He went up by a solid margin before the other person figured out his game. The opponent just railed off like 8 points in a row to make it super close. It got to match point and they both moved forward and did this stupid swashbuckling thing that was disgusting from a form perspective, but the screaming kid ripped off his mask and yelled before looking at the lights to see he never actually hit his opponent. I called the point and his coach went fucking ballistic. Threatened to have me disbarred (whatever the fuck that means). I told him what happened and that unless he wanted himself and his fencer removed from the venue he needed to calm down. I honestly expected him to hit me in the back with a chair when I turned to shake hands with the kids.

2) There was a mixed age group tournament that had a "kid" who was like 15. Every touch he would wind up and beat the hell out of people. I issued a few warnings in his first match. Then one of my friends was his next opponent who took offense to him beating up on kids. My friend was a much better fencer. Every attack was parried and followed by an audible thwack. After like 4 of those my friend told him that him hurting the kids ended there or he would make sure he couldn't fence the rest of the day. He complained that he was threatened, which I promptly ignored. I later found out his coach was telling him to fence like that to demoralize his opponents. I've never wanted to punch a coach more.