10 Youth Sports Referees Share The Craziest Parents They've Had To Deal With On The Field.


That earned him a penalty and 10m more with the warning that if he spoke another word to me in dissent he'd take his team back even further to their try line and have to defend all six tackles. This time he squared up to me and because he was two years older and much bigger I started to brick my pants a little. Fortunately - his parent saved me from a sure fire headbutt by dragging him off the field. His team conceded a try in the next set and it lost them the game. In my match report I noted the excellent behaviour of the grown up Dad and the players behaviour towards me. Put me off reffing the older kids!


8/10. I started reffing basketball when I was 16, so needless to say, adult coaches had a hard time trusting a kid. I've had several experiences that I have had to eject a parent or coach. However 2 events stick out for me.

-This game was in a select tournament (summer ball), and the losing team's coach was giving us attitude all game. We had tried to be patient because his team of 6th graders was losing by 40. Finally he started cussing out my co-offical, which is an automatic technical. No big deal, it didn't affect the outcome at all. After the game, he came over to me while I was changing out of stripes to threaten to have is "boys" to come over and take care of me in the parking lot.

Keep in mind I was 17 at the time. When he followed me out to the parking lot to "have a talk", the police were called and he had a report filed against him.

-The second incident came a couple of weeks later. About 45 seconds into the game, a dad from the stands begins berating for not making a call on a play that he believed a travel occurred. Before I could even warn him, he was on the floor trying to attack me. Two other dad's had to restrain him and he was thrown out of the building. After the game, I was told the man was drunk. At 2 in the afternoon. At his daughters 9th grade basketball game.


9/10. When I was 15 I was refereeing a hockey game.

A kid got hit waaaay behind the play and got hurt. Hurt fairly badly to be honest. I think it ended up being a hip dislocation.

Anyways, I didn't see it. The best I could do was give the other kid a 2 minute interference penalty.

The coach/parent lost his shit on me and my friend(we were using a two-man system. The older head referee could not make that game).

He was swearing, threatening to leave the game/tournament.

I was actually scared for my safety.


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