10 Youth Sports Referees Share The Craziest Parents They've Had To Deal With On The Field.


I instructed him to get back on the bench and he refused. He then grabbed me by the collar and I forcibly removed his hand and promptly ejected him from the game. Then he refused to leave and I told him that the game would not continue until he left. The other parents (coaches) then forced him to leave.

Everything worked out right? Well that is where you're wrong. Things got even more out of hand at this point.

After another stoppage of play, I noticed that white team's coach still had not left the arena and that he was in fact on black team's bench yelling at their coach. As soon as I noticed this, I made haste towards black team's bench and told white team's coach that he has to leave the arena. This sentence would turn out to be the proverbial shit hitting the fan. The coach started swearing (in front of 6-7 year olds) and telling me to get a real job and to cut my hair (I'm a male with shoulder length hair) because I looked like a b*tch working a low wage job. Despite this man's abhorrent comments, I kept composure and asked him to leave or I would have the tournament security bring police to escort him out. As soon as those words left my mouth, he wanted to fight. He was taunting me into fighting him by saying things along the lines of: "you think you're so tough, why don't we settle this with our fists right now".

Needless to say, I did not engage in a good old fisticuff. Instead, I waited because security was on their way. They arrived and forcibly removed this parent from the arena and the security guards were met with a loud standing ovation from both teams spectators in the stands.

In the end, the coach was suspended from the tournament and the league governing body revoked his coaching license because this was not his first incident with abuse of an official.


7/10. I used to referee amateur rugby league when I was about 15 for two years. Mostly it was easy and fun and keeping the players in line when they were say U12 level was actually pretty simple. However one time I was asked to referee for a U18 sevens tournament and shit got real - though not with a parent.

I blew the whistle for offside. In rugby league this means the defending team are not getting back 10m after a tackle has been made. Mostly its laziness but it's also cheating so you take them 10m further back and bring the tackle count back to 1 if they are taking the piss.

One of the players, much bigger than me took exception and started mouthing off and swearing that I was a little shit and didn't know what I was doing.

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