10 Youth Sports Referees Share The Craziest Parents They've Had To Deal With On The Field.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "Youth sports referees of Reddit, what is the craziest parent you've had to deal with on the field?"

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1/10. I was reffing a 10 and under soccer game, again 10 years old or younger. There was this one larger kid who was being physically aggressive and knocking other kids down to get the ball. I gave a free kick to the other team after this happened , and took a knee to explain to the kid that you cannot use your hands to fight for the ball. Well this kids dad just loses it, shouting out that I'm a wuss, his kid is doing nothing wrong, open my eyes, bla bla bla. Well it came to a point where I told the parent that if he did not stop, I would ask him to leave; and if he did not leave the game was over and everyone goes home. Thankfully he shut up, but I will never forget how insane some parents get over their kids games.


2/10. When I was 16, I was umpiring the championship game of the baseball league for 9-10 year olds in my city with a friend of mine. The team in the field is up by 1 in the last inning and there are 2 outs with the bases loaded. Parents are SCREAMING in excitement.

The batter smacks a line drive that falls in front of the right fielder, the runner on 3rd scored easily and the runner that was on 2nd is trying to score as well. The throw from the right fielder is way off but there's one problem, the 2nd kid never touched home plate. He stepped right over it. So while the team that thinks they just won is celebrating the catcher picks the ball up and tags the runner who missed home plate. I called him out. The parents went crazy. Cursing at me at the top of their lungs in front of their kids and even going as low as throwing stuff at me. It was pretty terrible.

Turns out one of the parents was recording the game and between innings he showed me what he had recorded. I was right, the kid was never even close to touching the plate. The team that thought they had won ended up losing in 8 innings. He showed the video to the rest of the parents and a few of the people slipped me some extra money after the game for treating me so poorly. However, one parent did confront me in the parking lot and tried to fight me until he was dragged away by his wife.


3/10. I used to be a youth hockey referee, I had a game once with a team that was known to be very dirty and have parents that were out of control. It was squirt level which meant there was no body checking allowed, and this team was going all over the place and hitting everyone in sight. After calling 3 very obvious penalties the parents started going nuts at us referees. Swearing, leaning over the glass to scream at us, etc when finally one parent threw something on the ice. I was relatively new and was getting nervous about what to do, but my fellow ref calmly skated over to their fan section, pointed from one spot to another in the stands and said "everyone sitting from here, to here" and then proceeded to kick about 1/4 of the fans out of the arena. It was pretty great to behold


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