10 People Share That One Moment They Witnessed The Fury Of A Patient Man.


9/10. My uncle is the most peaceful person I know. He's essentially a living version of what would happen if you combined Gen. Iroh, Bob Ross, and Dr. Doolittle. He keeps a garden. Feeds wild birds out of the palm of his hand. Has been known to just walk up to a deer without it running away. I've never heard him raise his voice except to talk to someone really far away in my entire life.

He was in the military during Vietnam. Not sure what branch. He never saw a combat zone; he was the guy who fixed stuff that came back from a combat zone.

The war ends. He goes home and returns to his normal life working at a tire factory. One night he's getting off of a hard day at work and wants a drink, so he goes to the local bar. Three guys are standing outside talking amongst themselves and he goes to walk in, but they stop him.

He tells them he doesn't want any trouble; he's just had a stressful day at work and wants to grab a drink. They go back and forth for a while and eventually he just pushes past them to get in. They didn't like that and pulled him back, where he proceeded to knock one unconscious and floor another. The third backed off and let him inside. By the time he'd left, they were nowhere to be seen.


10/10. My grandfather is a nice, funny, flirty guy. Was an exec at a manufacturing business after being the third employee. Everyone gets along with him, and he was fairly well off in my small town.

One day my cousin and I are helping him with some work, and we go to the store. There is a lot of poverty in my home town and one of the poorer families was at the store. My cousin makes some comment (he was kind of a shit at this point) about them being poor and what were they doing at the store because they couldn't buy anything or something along those lines. My nice grandfather grabs him and slams him against a wall and says, "Nothing in your life makes you better than them. Right now, I'd rather have them by me than you." He then makes my cousin go apologize and my grandfather announces my cousin will pay for whatever they re getting. He makes my cousin work off the expenses for him to prove a lesson and now that cousin is a stand-up social worker specializing in poverty, abuse, and rehabilitation.

Only time I have ever seen my grandfather be aggressive.