10 People Share That One Moment They Witnessed The Fury Of A Patient Man.


6/10. Working in an auto parts warehouse, one of our managers was a very quiet, collected person. One particular day some of the orders were wrong and the ordering system was malfunctioning. He calmly goes out back, starts up a forklift and rams it full speed at a huge stack of wood pallets. He must have thrown it in reverse and repeated this about a dozen times, raising and lowering the forks appropriately. Everyone stopped working to watch as every last pallet was destroyed. When there was only a pile of wood scraps left he turned off the lift and calmly walked back in and continued working as if nothing happened.


7/10. My dad has the patience of a saint. You never see him get angry or pissed off. He's quiet, calm and so laid back. Pretty much like me. Even when we were kids he never gave us a telling off at all, it was always Mums job as she was strict.

Anyway, we were at the dinner table and me and my siblings were all bickering, not sure about what. All of a sudden my dad slams his fists on the table and shouts "Shut up". We all put out heads down in shock, as we never experienced this before.

One by one, we started to giggle, even our mum started giggling. We looking over to my dad who was looking down at his plate, and all we could see was his shoulders going up and down, and of course he just burst out laughing.

I think he shocked himself that day. But no one could take it seriously!


8/10. My FIL is such a patient man. He's quiet, reserved, has a great sense of humor (when my MIL lets him get any words in). My MIL talks. A lot. She will ask you questions and when you start to answer she talks over you and tries to answer them herself. It's infuriating and obnoxious.

One time she asked me a question and I started to answer her and she cut me off to basically finish my answer for me and starts to ask another question. Lather, rinse, repeat for about 4 questions.

Finally my patient, quiet, sits back and watches the world FIL just EXPLODES on her basically screaming at her.

"MIL! OH MY GOD! Let her actually ANSWER the question you asked! STOP interrupting!! You never let anyone finish their thought!"

It was glorious and I almost tackled him to hug him.

She still does it but that day was amazing.


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